Stronger than fear


High in the French Alps, amidst the wreckage of a plane trapped for years under ice, Suzie Baker recovers a document that she hopes will clear her family name. Decades earlier, her grandmother had been suspected of high treason and had been assassinated in the wake of the accusations.

But Suzie's discovery catches the attention of the highest echelons of the American national intelligence agencies... She soon realizes that there are many powerful, vested interests who want to keep the truth buried at all costs.

When the New York Times journalist Andrew Stilman meets Suzie, he is immediately won over by her wicked charm and sheer spunk. Unwittingly he finds himself lured into her investigation. By the time he realizes how dangerous it is, it's too late for him to turn back.

From the underground tunnels of New York City to the North Pole's barren icescapes, Andrew and Suzie are on the run... As they try to outmanoeuvre their enemies, they risk their lives to expose one of the best kept secrets of our time.

"With elements of espionage, political and ecological thriller, Marc Levy weaves together an impressive tale of world-scale manipulation. His characters keep us on the edge of our seat – something he does so well." - Pierre Vavasseur, Le Parisien

"Once again, Marc Levy proves his undeniable talent for storytelling. (...) A real pleasure to read." - Blaise de Chabalier, Le Figaro


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