Country : France
Published Date : 18/06/2015
Available Editions : Ebook

10 years from now, half of all employees in the Western World will be replaced by machines...

... pilots, soldiers, radiologists, taxi drivers, but also translators, bankers, even journalists. No one will be spared – nor will any county. 

Make no mistake; the entry into the XXIth century is a change of era that will completely revolutionize our lives. We will need to have the courage to invent a future under a new economic, technological, and, of course, ecological order. 

Will you succumb to, or prevail over the transformations to come ? 

In this simple, quick read, M. Thierry Malleret, doctor of economics for the Paris Institut des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales and founder of the Risk Group in the World Economic Forum, explains how we can approach these changes, so we can prepare to come out stronger.


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