Country : France
ISBN : 9782226242723
Published Date : 03/10/2012

"An exhilarating and thoroughly enjoyable read. After reading Oscar Pill, you will see your body in a whole new way." - Carrefour Savoirs

The Dark Prince has finally succeeded in carrying out his wicked plan: he's defeated the Medicus, conquered the human body, and rules with a harsh and evil hand over all mankind.
Now eighteen, the time has come for Oscar to complete his initiation and become an official Medicus. He sets off on a journey within the Universe of Cerebra, the most fascinating, complex, and dangerous part of the body. As he discovers the brain, Oscar comes face to face with its mysteries – and traps – and embarks on a final mission to defeat the Pathologus. His epic voyage will determine the fate of the Medicus, of humanity, and of his own pursuit: to uncover the mystery behind his father and find out what lies in store for him.

Published by Albin Michel in October 2012, Cerebra: The Ultimate Journey is the fifth and final volume of The Adventures of Oscar Pill, which has been sold in 18 languages with over 170,000 copies sold.

Praise for Oscar Pill:"Eli Anderson [is] the modern day Jules Verne... Oscar Pill is absolutely fascinating! A spellbinding intrigue." - Elle

"Incredibly original, Eli Anderson's fantastic young adult saga is as enthralling as those of J.K. Rowling, Philip Pullman, or Alison Goodman." - 24 Heures

"A hero with the power to travel inside the human body: a unique twist to a wonderful new saga. The book is full of fun inventions and endearing characters. A fascinating read!" - 20 Minutes

"A charming and powerful book... A unique story, an enthralling page-turner whose originality and humor will definitely hook its readers." - Telerama

"After Harry the Wizard, here comes Oscar the Medicus! And it's great! After reading Oscar Pill, teens will listen to their heartbeats in a new way. They are going to love it!" - RTL, YA Holiday Pick


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