Country : France
ISBN : 2221126874
Published Date : 05/09/2012

The rise and fall of a rugby player.
An account of elite sports, as has rarely been told before.

May 2010. On the roadside, a 1,86m-tall, 100 kg, badly-shaven man with dark hair and an impressive torso, has set up a small stall as part of the local yard sale in the fourteenth arrondissement in Paris. He's selling his Stade Français rugby shirts, his tracksuits, his branded shoes... Raphaël Poulain, an ex-rugbyman for over two years now, is on unemployment benefits; a few months ago, he was almost on the streets.

Discovered at barely 19 years old and knowing almost nothing about Rugby, Raphael Poulain's extraordinary physique set him out from the crowd – enough to convince the French Stadium's coach, and from one day to the next he found himself in the best club of the capital, with a comfortable salary, a studio flat, a cabriolet, and an open invitation to all the hip bars in Paris.

In just a few months, Raphael became a rising hope for French rugby.

Step by step he tells the story of his career: the shared emotions of the changing rooms and the playing field, the great sporting moments, the repeated injuries and getting into trouble, his mates, the famous "third half-times", the coaches who liked him... and those who didn't. He describes with devastating humour his (many) silly mistakes, and gives a tender but uncompromising view of a world that, in just a few years, went from "village rugby" to sport-business, with its sponsors and publicity storms.

Today, he remembers the small child who dreamed of becoming Superman and thought himself indestructible. It cost him his body and his heart to find out that he wasn't... In his candid and disarming account, Poulain captures the beauty of sport and its solitude, its exhilaration and its dangers.

A book to share with all those who dream of becoming the next Chabal or Zidane... and with their parents.

Author's biography - Versilio

Versilio is an editor who publishes authors of novels and non-fiction works, both literary and commercial.

Versilio’s vocation is to concentrate on a restricted number of projects in order to be able to accompany them from their initial conception to the final manuscript, thus ensuring both their digital and paper editions with its partners (Robert Laffont, Albin Michel, Flammarion, Gallimard…).

In order to satisfy the ever-changing needs of authors and readers within a constantly evolving market not only in terms of both communication and direct distribution of information, but also with regard to social networks, Versilio created the Slog. A combination of a S[ite] and a [B]log, a Slog is designed to showcase an author's creative world, to keep readers permanently up to date with their favourite authors and give them a chance to share and discuss their interests with an online community.

Furthermore, in line with the growing demand from online bookstores and the explosion of new media and social networks, Versilio's team includes not only all competences necessary for digital publishing (software engineering, designing, production, marketing) but also for the production of audio and video contents contributing to their promotion and enrichment (podcasts, author interviews, book trailers, advertisements and animations).

Thanks to the implementation of these new solutions in their dynamic set-up Versilio regularly collaborates with leading players in various fields (including Amazon, Kobo, Fnac, Google, Apple, Twitter, &c.) to promote both their authors and their authors’ works.

Versilio shares offices with Susanna Lea Associates in London, Paris and New York, and therefore benefits from an international perspective on the world of books, and the challenges brought about by the evolution of digital publishing.


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