Country : France
Editor: Versilio / Flammarion
ISBN : 208128295X
Published Date : 02/05/2012

" Modern, violent, funny and sad - enough to make you cry tears of rage. " - Libération

All in one tale, Sabri Louatah masterly evokes an opera by Mozart, the songs of the Berber poet Ait Menguellet, and Bruce Springsteen's rock hymns. An ambitious social fresco, with echoes of Millenium and Zola's novels, the writing is remarkable – by its vitality, its creativity, its generosity. Original and convincing, The Savages is reminiscent of Alejandro González Iñárritu's films (Babel, Biutiful...) From the law and police, to the press and politics, The Savages is a gallery of portraits, devoid of bitterness and naivety. We impatiently await the final duel.
- Virginie Despentes, Le Monde des livres

Sabri Louatah has made an impressive entrance onto the literary scene. This first-time author combines pure guts and true talent. What an adventure! The Savages is a completely addictive [and] fascinating saga... If he keeps it up, Louatah has a bright future ahead of him: his writing is acerbic, surprising, impudent, humorous, and remarkably taut; he alternates everyday vernacular with elegant prose, smashing stereotypes and social norms.
A cross between an Arab Saul Bellow and the TV show ER; just as Bellow conveys the irony of Jewish traditions with his characters (think The Adventures of Augie March, which also inspired Philip Roth), Louatah toys with the Arab community's obsessions, language tics, conventions and other habits. Sabri Louatah has lived up to the challenge he set for himself. Bravo! We can't wait to read more... - L'Express

In the tradition of great literature, Sabri Louatah melds political and family plot-lines in a breathtaking read. He knows how to create a tense atmosphere—and the reader is immediately and completely hooked... - Le Monde

A gem. A wonderful blend of suspense and humor; an audacious book with a true voice, and incredibly innovative in both style and content. Sabri Louatah: an Arab Philip Roth. – François Busnel, La Grande Librairie, France 5

Book 2 [of The Savages] confirms Sabri Louatah's talent... Its gripping pace, multiple characters, and changes in perspective make this book read like an enthralling television series, in the vein of 24. The movie version is sure to come out soon. We hope to read the next two volumes of this astounding tetralogy soon as well... - Lire

Utterly absorbing, this book is tender and tough, pessimistic and hopeful, explosive and joyful... Louatah thinks that his future is now, and he's right. - Le Nouvel Observateur

An impeccably paced story, Louatah captures every detail as if filming with a hidden camera. He paints a striking tableau of France's dispossessed in an innovative novel that is worth more than any nonfiction. And his descriptions are dead funny. - Le Figaro

The novel of the presidential campaign. Twenty-eight-year-old Sabri Louatah's first book is commanding: a panorama that is both funny and tragic . - Elle

A tour de force... [The Savages] gets inside the moment when a nation's destiny changes...Stunningly written, vibrant, sensual and fast-paced, it resonates profoundly with our times. - Le Canard Enchaîné

A blend of 24 and Dostoyevsky. It would be foolish not to keep track of this author. - Le Grand Journal, Canal+

Sabri Louatah has rocked the literary scene. His style is cutting and sarcastic; he lays France across a table and gets at its nerves with a scalpel. A novel, a work of art, and El Watan's pick. - El Watan


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