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To What ?

As a writer, there comes a time when you need a website...
A personalized space on the web where you can showcase your work and interact with readers.
A platform as flexible and versatile as a blog, that you can update on your own.
A space that is linked to other social networks and platforms.
As a writer, there comes a time when you need a blog that's a website, and a site that's a blog...

This is why Versilio has created the SLOG... an easy-to-use structure that writers can personalize and make their own, and that works both like a site and a blog.

To What? The definition of a Slog:

Slog (noun): a website and blog for writers and artists. Origin: monolingual transgenic mutation observed for the first time on the web in Paris, France in late 2010. Anyone in the world can create a Slog and contribute to the slogging community.

To slog (intransitive verb; transitive use possible): to publish on one's Slog; to consult one's Slog; to browse one's Slog. Also known as "slogging."
I like to start slogging early in the day / This way my worries all go away... (Victor Hugo)
While slogging on Swann's way, I vanquished the gloom that had taken over my soul... (Marcel Proust)
I called her, I loved her, I flogged her - and then, blissfully, on and on I slogged. (F. Scott Fitzgerald)
The wind / thunders / I slog (Bashô)
I think, therefore I slog. (Descartes)
I wanna be slogged by you. (Marilyn Monroe)
I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I slog and I understand. (Confucius)

Slogger (noun): a regular Slog user; someone who slogs.

I want my Slog!

You are an author, a film director, an artist of any kind and would like to make your work public...

By creating a Slog, you can:

  • Be part of the Slog community of readers and other sloggers
  • Share your biography, updates, photos & videos
  • Publish your books, unpublished works, articles, and other projects

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